When a woman suffers from infertility as a result of medical or genetic problems, it is still possible for her to have a baby through egg donation.  This a common practice which has gained a lot of popularity due to the rising cases of infertility.  Gay couples also benefit from the same practice, which allows eggs to be harvested from a donor to create embryos for surrogacy.  This article gives an insight into the facts about egg donation.


First and foremost, it is important to note that egg donation is a commitment which demands patience, perseverance and self-discipline.  An egg donor is required to take consistent hormone medication for six to eight weeks.  This usually comes in form of self-administered injections, which makes it possible to align the monthly cycle of the egg donor to that of the surrogate mother.  These injections also increase the production of more eggs to be available for fertilization.  In addition to the medication, several visits are made to the doctor to ensure that everything is going on smoothly.


After the egg donor is through with the medication, the actual harvesting of eggs is performed. The egg donor is usually sedated during the procedure though not unconscious.  After this procedure of donation, it is advisable for the donor to have enough rest.  Thereafter, they can perform some light tasks, until they are advised to go back to their normal activities.


Egg donor directory is usually recommended to be done by young people.  It is a requirement by the egg donation agencies that the donors be aged from the early twenties to late twenties.  This ensures that there are reduced chances of birth defects compared to older women.  It is also clear that a woman of this age group is at her best health status and her fertility is at the peak.  They will also be able to recover quite fast from the procedure.


Another important fact about egg donation is that it is not fully anonymous.  This is because the implantation of the donated eggs is supposed to be done immediately after the donation.  This means that both parties will meet at the clinic for their respective procedures.  Some people, also prefer to see their prospective egg donors to interview them before starting the procedure. For additional facts and information about Egg Donation, you can go to



Today, those that require egg donation from, prefer fresh and live donation compared to the frozen eggs in the egg bank.  The reason behind this is that, for frozen eggs, the success rate is much lower than the fresh eggs.  Live egg donation also allows a parent to have children with the similar genetic profile.